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I like discovering lo-o-o-ng stretchy twisty turny words and telling everyone the definition, which means 'what a word means'. I like to look at words in different ways like in the mirror or in the shower or in France. I always try turning a book upside down to see if something new is hidden there, EXCEPT with books about the sea of course, because all the water would pour out into your lap.

LIVES: I'm always somewhere interesting like inside a glove or upside down in the supermarket yogurt section or swimming in Alphabetti Spaghetti.

LIKES: Making up words like snacklebunch and burpanga and hippobottawhattalottamus. Licking pencils and writing the longest thinkiest twirliest words.

DISLIKES: short words like 'this', hot jumpers, books with only pictures.





Best friend


Favourite Thing

Favourite thing

Really long

Private Peaceful

Favourite book

Private Peaceful
by Michael Morpurgo

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