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My favourite book is... all of the books. Right now I'm reading The Very Hungry Gruffalo Who Came to Tea. It's a great big massive book And... oh, maybe I got a few books stuck together. My favourite thing to do is build a reading den under my duvet, with all the books in the whole wide world and a torch to see them with. When I'm in my reading den I'm INVISIBLE

LIVES: I live anywhere there's a duvet to hide under. I'd love to live inside a book, but books are really hard to close if you're inside them, have you tried?

LIKES: The end of the book with all it's endiness. But also the beginning of the book! And don't forget the middle bit. And the outside bits, they're good.

DISLIKES: The bit after the story, where there's no more story. Clothes that aren't pyjamas. Crumbs in bed. Custard in bed.





Best friend


Favourite Thing

Favourite thing

reading den


Favourite book

Hedgehugs by
Steve Wilson

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