Meet Muckabee

I like anything mucky and yucky, especially if it's so yucky and mucky you could lose a wellie boot in it. I'm best friends with any creature, fluffy or bitey, jowly or growly, I'm not scared! Do you want to see the egg hatching in my lunchbox? I think it might be a dragon or maybe a pigeon.

DEN: To see my best den you need to snorkel through a muddy pond to meet my tadpole friends. Sometimes I climb inside the mouth of a big toothy creature to brush it's sharp drooling teeth and have a nap in there. Snuggly.

LIKES: Snuggling slugs, squelching in bogs, catching rain in my mouth, flying on bird's backs, using giraffes necks as slides and kissing toads.

DISLIKES: Being indoors, clean bubbly baths with no slimey snails for company, the NAIL BRUSH.





Best friend


Favourite Thing

Favourite thing


Big Book Of Big Animals

Favourite book

Big Book Of Big Animals
by Hazel Maskell

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