Meet Doodlebee

I can't give you a hug because I'm all gluey and we'd STICK together. And there's paint on my feet. And confetti stuck on the back of my knees. I love making STUFF! I can turn paper towels and leftover breakfast into a squidgy jam volcano faster than you can say "oh my goodness, what a MESS!"

DEN: I live inside a giant glitter pot, which can be a problem with my gluey hands and painty feet. But you can always tell where I've been because of my special glitter footprints.

LIKES: Making and baking and gluing and painting and splatting and splotting and dotting and squishing it all to start over again. And dried pasta. All the most famous painters like Van Gough used dried pasta. Probably.

DISLIKES: Throwing things away because I make STUFF into OTHER STUFF. Brushing gluey glitter out of my hair. Squished bananas.





Best friend


Favourite Thing

Favourite thing


How to Draw Horses

Favourite book

How to Draw Horses by
Anna Betts

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