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It's time to tell everyone that you love them

It's the month of Valentines, which is a special month where you tell everyone that you like them best: your family, your friends and don't forget your pets! Pets needs love too, which is why I'm going to give my pet snails a heart shaped piece of lettuce and a bunch of broccoli instead of smelly flowers.

A great way to give a Valentine is to give people things you've made yourself or things you've found that you like. Especially if they are heart shaped, the heart shape is a really quick way of letting people know you mean "I like you" without having to write long thinky words. You don't have to be good at drawing or writing to give a Valentine, you can choose to do something that you're the best at and use that to tell people and pets that you like them.

Valentines Day

For instance I want to send a Valentine to my friend Doodlebee, and I'm the best at digging and foraging - which means scrambling under stones and bushes and getting completely covered in mud. I found a lovely dried leaf that's shaped like a heart! I'm going to stick it on a card with a few precious things I have found - a nice stone, a beetle wing and a squished berry - and that will be a brilliant valentines card.

Yellabee will be playing a special song he's made up for us on the double loud trumpet. Wordabee has written lots of long thinky words about love and being best friends and he's going to tell us all about them. Tellabee has stuck all of his favourite books about friends together to make one long story, which he's going to read to us under the biggest duvet in the Land of the Bookabees. Bafflebee didn't understand but he's always got biscuits, and he always shares which is excellent. And Doodlebee, who is brilliant at baking and making, is going to make everyone a glitter card, a glitter Frisbee, a glitter hat and give everyone a swim in her biggest pot of glitter.

What are you the very best at? Are you a good singer, dancer, writer, maker or hugger? Whatever you're good at, use it on Valentines Day to tell people that you think they're great!.


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