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Both Halloween and Autumn bring all sorts of exciting, oozy, gloopy things. Wet leaves that have started to rot feel all slithery and slimy. More rain brings my favourite thing - squidgy MUD! And Halloween is a brilliant time to make things that grown ups call "revolting", "disgusting" and "NOT IN YOUR HAIR PLEASE".

Apparently my amazing invention: squidgy-jelly-toothpaste-and-puddle-water-custard is not a thing that grown ups like on the sofa. So I have asked my friend Doodlebee to help me make something squidey and slimy that even grown ups can't resist... I'm just going to ask my friend Yellabee for a drum roll...

*thump thump thumpity BOOM crash smash*


This gloopy oozy slime is squidgy and slippery. I love the feeling of it running through my fingers and even my toes! Squidgy, squelching goodness!!! You need some funny things, so you might not be able to make it without a trip to the shops, but if you know someone who likes to bake, chances are you will have everything you need right now! This is what you need:


  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 2 cups of cornflour
  • Gel food colouring, my favourite is green but Doodlebee likes her slime pink!
  • Optional glitter, but Doodlebee puts glitter in everything!

First pour the water into a measuring jug and add the food colouring you want, don't worry if it doesn't look very colourful you can add more later. I like using green to make it alien slime, but you can use any colour you like! Then, in another bowl, pour the two cups of cornflour.

Slowly add the coloured water to the cornflour and stir a lot! While it may be a bit lumpy to start, if you keep stirring it will become smooth and oozy. Next add some glitter if you want to make your slime sparkly and shiny - Doodlebee adds glitter to everything! Stir thoroughly again until your slime is all mixed together.

If your slime is a little too watery just add a bit more cornflower. If it is too solid then add a little more water until it is the perfect level of gloopiness for you.


Ta da! You now have gooey, slippery, oozy alien slime! Once you've finished playing with it, you can keep it in a jar or airtight container for several weeks and play with it whenever you like.


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[with Doodlbee's help]

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