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Stormy Rainbow Rainclouds

There's so much weather about isn't there? Everywhere you look there seems to be some sort of weather. As I'm writing you this letter it is super-duper boiling hot and I think I could fry an egg for tea on my hot head! Not even my glueiest glue will set, all of my clay is baking on its own and my best glitter keeps sticking to my hot sticky hands.

But tomorrow the weather report says that there will be big ploppy raindrops, a huge storm and there might even be some thunder! Which got me thinking about big fat clouds and how pretty it is when the rain falls out of them. I'm so excited for the rain that I can't wait and I'm going to make my own colourful rainclouds right away!

If you would like to make rainbow coloured rainclouds too you will need:

  • Some plastic pint glasses
  • Shaving foam
  • A few different colours of food colouring
  • A dropper / small spoon / old syringe that comes with medicine
  • A few small cups or old yogurt pots
  • A spare grown up to help mop up any

Rainbow Rainclouds

First of all you need to get your small pots, old yogurt pots are perfect, but remember to eat the yogurt first then wash them! Put a little water in each pot and add a few drops of food colouring to each until you're happy with how strong your colours are, this bit can be messy so get your grown up to help. Next half fill the pint glasses with water and line them up. You can make as many or as few as you like!

Then comes the really fun part, you need to squirt a load of shaving foam over the top of each pint glass. Make sure you squeeze on absolutely masses, these are your rain clouds so you want them to be really big and fluffy. Then take a squeeze in your dropper, syringe or small spoon of your favourite colour and pour it on top of one of your clouds. Watch carefully as the colour trickles through the cloud and then rains into the water below. Magical! You can put lots of colours into one glass to make rainbow rain, or keep your colours apart with a glass for each one. When you eventually overload one cloud with all of the colours it will look like a storm in a glass!

Rainbow Rainclouds

You can keep pouring them away and starting again until you run out of colours or shaving foam or grown ups with cloths. Happy rainbow raining, whatever the weather outside!


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Sunny sun, jump in a
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