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It's nature treasure hunt time!

Whatever the weather, sun or rain, we in the land of the Bookabees are spending the whole entire summer outdoors. We keep finding so many interesting things in the grass, trees or under stones, that I have invented a summer treasure hunt, so that we can discover even more exciting things. And it's easy for you to play along too!

I have written a list of words that describe how something looks, smells or how it feels when you touch it. All you have to do is choose word one at a time and race around until you find something that the word describes.

You could either point to a word on the list and ask a tame grown up read it out, or you could make your very own treasure hunt cards to pick from.

You could cut pieces of card and then draw and write the words from the list. This way you can turn them all face down and pick one at a time. Take the cards or the list wherever you go, you can play this game absolutely anywhere!

Here is the list of things to find. Good luck - ready, steady, GO!

  • THIN
  • TINY
  • DRY
  • WET
  • SOFT
  • WARM

What did you find? I found a furry dandelion fluff, a crunchy piece of bark and a spotty leaf! The best thing is that you can play with lots of friends or on your own, and every time you play the game you will find different things. Happy treasure hunting!


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Rainbows between the rain and sun

World weather

Rainbows between the
rain and sun

Shooting stars between the dust and moon

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Shooting stars between
the dust and moon

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