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DISCOVERY - Anyone can make a book

There is a saying that everyone has a book inside them, but it turns out you don't have to eat the book.

You can make your very own books, full of your very own stories and drawings. Yes way, it's true!

All you have to do is get a bunch of paper, or card, or a notepad or a pile of dried lasagne; anything flat that you can draw on without getting into trouble - like the walls, don't make a book on the walls, or the floor or the toilet lid, grown ups can be really grumpy about that.

Then you need to stick it all together into a book shape using something like string or glue or sticky tape or a grown up. The grown up could staple it together or just hold it together with their hand for AGES.

Anyone can make a book

Then you need to think of a story to go inside it. I like stories about glitter rain and ambulances and custard and swimming. But you can write whatever story you like!

If you're really good at something, you can write a book about how to do that something so that other people will know how to do it too.

If you can't write it down yourself you can tell it to the grown up, who is just standing there holding the book together, after all they've got another hand so they can write it all down.

Then you need to add some pictures to the book. I like to use felt tips, crayons, gluing and sticking and muddy leaves. But you can use whatever you like.

Then, ta da! You have made your very own book, which makes you an AUTHOR. Well done! We can't wait to read it in the Land of the Bookabees.


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Rain with big splashy puddles

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Rain with big
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