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Solve a mystery... Letter to Father Christmas lost

I spent a long time writing my letter to Father Christmas, it was full of the longest, thinkiest words I could find, like YULETIDE which is a mega fancy way of saying Christmas, and GLAD TIDINGS which is a double mega fancy way of saying Good News.

Letter To Father Christmas

I have discovered that at Christmas grown-ups like to sing fancy pants words like Noel, to say silly words like Chrimbo, and to text tiny words like Xmas. It's a confusing time for words. Anyway my letter went like this:

Dearest Father Christmas or Santa Claus or Pere Noel or Swiety Mikolaj or Babbo Natale (how many names do you have? I only have one!)

Merry Yuletide. I send glad tidings. This year in the Land of the Bookabees we have all been jolly virtuous (which means good) so we kindly request that means we'd like:

  1. A triple loud giant trumpet for Yellabee to get to grade twelvety on

  2. A glitter squirter for Doodlebee to cover everything in glitter quicker

  3. A double bright torch for Tellabee to read under the duvet

  4. A massive snorkel for Muckabee to see to the bottom of muddy puddles

  5. A biscuit for Bafflebee who didn't understand the question

  6. And the biggest book of words called a Dictionary for me, Wordabee

Thank you Mr Christmas and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (which means have a lovely sit down and a cup of tea)

Love From,


You see it was a fantastic letter. And I put it in an envelope, then in a bigger envelope because you can't be too careful. Then I sellotaped it up, and added a lot more sellotape because you can't be too careful. Then I got in a large muddle and had some trouble getting the sellotape to stop sticking to everything. And now I can't find the letter! Do you know where it is? If you know, shout it out!


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