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It's Spring! time to get grubby with the grubs

Spring is my absolute favourite season of all the seasons... well, equal favourite with Summer, Autumn and Winter. But Spring brings so many amazing and beautiful changes: bright green leaves budding on the trees, pretty blossoms and delicate spring flowers, and best of all loads of mucky mud, grubby puddles and creepy crawly insects!

Creature Peeper

In winter it was too cold and the ground was too hard to dig soil, but now that it's warmer, we can make mud pies again! And that also means that you'll find wiggly fat worms and other squirmy creatures as you dig; I like to have a good look at any creatures I find, they're so interesting! I used to keep them in my pockets but they would always crawl away, so now I use a Creature Peeper to look at them up close... and to take them to tea with my friends.

For some reason the other Bookabees don't like me bringing a jar of squirmy worms to tea, especially when we're having spaghetti, I cannot work out why. I always wash my hands and the outside of the Creature Peeper first, and worms are great company.

If you want to have a good peep at some creatures it's easy to make your own Creature Peeper. You will need:

  • An empty jam jar
  • A tame grown up
  • Something sharp for your grown up to make holes
  • Some green leaves, twigs and a handful of mud

Ask your grown up to make some holes in the lid of the jam jar first. This is so that air can get in and out of the jar and the creatures can breathe. Next put a small fistful of mud, some twigs and leaves in the jar, to make the creature feel at home. Then: DIG! If you find a wiggly worm or a super speedy centipede then capture it gently in your Creature Peeper, be careful not to hurt it! Then you can watch it up close, see how it moves and burrows.

Look under flower pots and you might find little grey woodlice scurrying away QUICK they're hard to catch! Or an earwig hiding under a leaf. Or a snail stuck to a fence. Oh and DUCK that massive bumble bee flew past your ear to get to the flowers! But never try to catch a bumble bee or anything that flies! And remember to always put your creature back at the end of the day so it's friends won't miss it.


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