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Let's get hatching!

Have you noticed that the weather is getting warmer? That means lots of things - sleeping in vest and pants, bright sunshine and warm plopping raindrops, and best of all lots of animals have started hatching, it's so exciting!

The birds have built nests, laid eggs and sat on them to keep them warm, and now they're hatching out of their shells!

Frogs have laid gooey jelly frog spawn in ponds and they have started to pop out of their jelly - like eggs as squirmy tadpoles. If you had a pet crocodile (I would LOVE a pet crocodile!) she would have laid little eggs in the sand that would be hatching into baby crocodiles, how amazing is that?

But Doodlebee says that a crocodile would be terrible pet. They would be so massive that they would be too big to sleep in your bed with you, you can’t take them for walks and they might actually swallow you with their snappy jaws. So Doodlebee said... I should choose another pet to wish for.

I thought long and hard. I went and sat in my favourite thinking puddle. I went to think in Tellabee's reading den, he was pleased but he wished that I had done that before I had sat in my puddle. I went to think in Yellabee's noisy shouting cave which was lots of fun but too loud to think in.... Doodlebee said it had to be a pet that I would love and would be a good friend. Something I could stroke and feed. So while I was paddling in Doodlebee's huge pot of glue for my last big think, I realised what pet I would like most in the world....

A SHARK! I think a shark would be a really good pet, I would keep it in the bath and brush its pointy teeth every day and decorate its fin. So Doodlebee said she'd help me make a hatching shark pet, here's how:

Hello, Doodlebee here! If you too would like to hatch a shark (not a real one, shhhh don't tell Muckabee) you will need:

  • Some balloons
  • Some small shark toys
  • Some glitter ([obviously]!)
  • A freezer and a tame grown up

Shark Egg

First you need to squeeze the shark toys inside the balloons, this can be quite fiddly, but that's why we keep tame grown ups lying around, to do the fiddly things. Once the sharks are inside the balloons, tip a sprinkle of glitter into each balloon. Then, one by one, take the opening of each balloon and slide it all the way over the tap. Turn on the water gently and fill the balloon with water. You can put in as much as you like, it depends how massive you want your shark eggs to be. Then get your grown up to squeeze out any air and tie a knot in each balloon. Put them in the freezer and wait.

Shark Egg

The waiting is the hard bit they take a while to freeze. But once they've frozen you can snip the balloon away and TADA! You have your very own sharks eggs! You can hatch them by putting them in the sink and pouring water over them. Or you can just cuddle them (brrrr!) until they melt and your shark has hatched. Happy hatching!


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