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How the Bookabees came to be

The Bookabees have existed since the first person in Very Olden Times glued together a pile of paper, wrote a story on the pile of paper and shouted -

"Huzzah! I shall call this paper-story-pile a SNARKFAFFLE!"

And then that person's clever friend said -

"You big wally, you should call it a BOOK instead".

As soon as that clever friend said BOOK, the Bookabees *POOF* popped right out of thin air, as real as can BE!

They were very excited about being, it's fun to BE, they wiggled their toes and squidged mud through their fingers and hid under cushions and drank the milk at the bottom of their cereal. All the usual exciting stuff about BEing.

Well, as exciting as BEing was, the Bookabees had nowhere to live. I know! I felt sad about that too. But wait... Just as the Bookabees were about to feel sad about it, someone started reading that BOOK and *POOF* the Land of the Bookabees popped right out of thin air too!

Now, that first book was about a boat on the sea, and sure as day, the Bookabee Sea was right there, swishing and sloshing and twinkling, with a bright blue boat bobbing about in the middle. The Bookabees clambered aboard and started exploring right away. There was just sea as far as the eye could see...

Bookabee Sea

But soon enough this BOOK craze caught on. Everyone was making books and writing books and reading books and drawing books. And the more books that people read, the more the Land of the Bookabees grew.

Someone read a book about jungles and *POOF* there was the Bookabee Jungle, all tangley and green and drippy. Someone else read a book about caves and *POOF* there were the Bookabee Caves, all deep and dark and echoey. Someone else read a book about the beach, which was excellent because *POOF* there was the Bookabee Beach, dotted with shells and towels and warm yellow sand. And ice cream vans. Obviously.

And so, the Land of the Bookabee grew bigger and bigger. The more books that people read, the bigger it grew... it's so big now that the Bookabees haven't even explored it all yet.

And YOU are making it grow all the time. Every time you read a book you make the land bigger and better and funnier and smellier and wider and bouncier. What was the last book you read? Can you remember?

Whatever it was, I'll bet it made an amazing new place in the Land of the Bookabees...


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