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I love the Land of the Bookabees because I love BOOKS! They are delicious. I have eaten at least seven books today. I have also just remembered that books are not very tasty. What's a book? Who are you?

DEN: It's my job to turn the light off at bedtime in the Land of Bookabees, and I always fall asleep the exact second it goes dark. Isn't it funny that I wake up every day inside the lamp? I don't know how that happens.

LIKES: eating books. Yummy! And asking questions especially WHY and HOW and WHO and WHERE and WHAT and... Oooh look a book! What's a question?

DISLIKES: eating books. They are actually not yummy. The book I just ate tasted like sticky fingers. What's a 'dislike'? Do I like it?





Best friend


Favourite Thing

Favourite thing

Asking many

How to Train Your Dragon

Favourite book

How to Train Your Dragon by
Cressida Cowell

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