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It's time to make New Years resolutions and definately, totally try to keep them

It's a brand new year everyone, Happy 2017! That doesn't actually mean twenty of the number seventeen, it mean the year that we are inside right now, which is called 2017. Double wowsers. And when a year is brand new it's a really great time to make a list of things you'd like to be better at. These are called New Year Resolutions.

New year 2017

They aren't really about wanting to be better at hiding chocolate in your pockets, or sneaking up on your friends and making them jump, New Year's Resolutions are about doing nice things and trying to be good. Here's a list of my very best New Year's Resolutions.

  1. This year I want to help Doodlebee to tidy up the glitter. It won't be easy because it's EVERYWHERE and it will probably take super triple forever, but it will make everyone very happy when it's tidy, which is why I want to do it. Who would you like to help?

  2. This year I want to get better at asking everyone BEFORE I do my double loud trumpet practice. It takes AGES having to go round and ask everyone if it's OK to make MASSES of double loud noise, but it's good to think about how other people feel. That is called being considerate. What would you like to do that's considerate (thinking about other people before you do it)?

  3. This year I want to STOP making such a hullabaloo about itchy socks. A hullabaloo is a fuss, like screaming and running around with your undies on your head. These itchy socks are my absolute WORST, along with sitting still and being wiped with a cold, wet tissue, but I am going to triple try to stop the hullabaloo when I see the socks and try saying "no thank you, can I have some different socks please?" It will not be easy but I will TRY. What would you like to stop making a hullabaloo about?

Those are my New Year Resolutions, and to help me remember them I am going to stick them on the fridge. And on my wellies. And at the bottom of my cereal bowl. Just lots of places where I will see them and remember to try and keep them.


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