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The Bookabee Easter Egg hunt is on. Let's make the grown ups hunt

Listen up, I am going to blow my Triple Loud Trumpet because I have a very important announcement to make, you might want to cover your ears: PAAAAAAARP! My announcement is... HELLO you can uncover your ears now... my announcement is that it's EASTER!

And we all know what that means! Yes, yes, spending lots of lovely time at home with your family or friends, but mostly it means chocolate! PAAAARP! Sorry I couldn't help blowing my triple loud trumpet again, I'm so excited. At Easter, if we are lucky and very good, we get chocolate eggs, and best of all there's a special treasure hunt called an Easter Egg Hunt to find them.

Easter Egg Hunt

But this year in the Land of the Bookabees we are going to do our Easter Egg Hunt a little differently. We have decided that the Bookabees are going to hide the eggs ourselves and we are going to let grown ups search for them! If they don't find them in the time we allow, we get to share the chocolate eggs ourselves! I am a brilliant chocolate egg hider which means the grown ups definitely won't find them and we will scoff the lot! If you'd like to do this, it's double easy. You will need:

  • Chocolate eggs
  • An egg timer
  • Some spare grown ups
  • Some brilliant hiding places

First of all take your spare grown ups and put them somewhere like a chair, make them cover their eyes and not peep for a second until you say they can. Next you will need the chocolate eggs. The only tricky thing will be stopping yourselves from eating the eggs right away. When we tried this the first time, Bafflebee ate all the eggs in one mouthful without taking the wrappers off, BLEUGH, definitely don't do this!

Now you will need to hide the chocolate eggs in really good places where the grown ups will never find them. Good places we thought of are:

In the forest of coats, maybe in the pockets
Under the duvet sea, right at the bottom
In the Under Sofa Caves
In the Saucepan Coves
Behind the Battalion of Books

Try to remember where you have hidden the eggs or no one will find them and no one will get chocolate eggs, that would be DREADFUL.

Now set the egg timer for as long as you want, we think around 3 minutes is good. Tell your tame grown up to start searching NOW they don't have long! Because you're such a brilliant hider, they probably won't find them, try not to give them any clues! When the egg timer goes off DING see how many they have found. Any eggs they haven!t found are YOURS! Run around collecting them, make sure you don't miss any, then share them out and SCOFF!


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